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In our matwork classes you will be taught a warm up and exercises taking the body through all the ranges of movement. We may use small pieces of equipment throughout the class such as toning balls, fitness circles and resistance bands. Modifications can be made to accommodate certain weaknesses or to make an exercise more challenging.

Each lesson is 1 hour.

Maximum of 8 people per lesson.

Introductory Package

If you’re new to Pilates or have been recommended to take up Pilates due to an injury or medical condition this is the perfect introduction.

This course includes 1 free lesson, plus 5 private lessons with an instructor who will first of all go through any medical history with yourself and talk through any injuries or postural problems you may have.

You will be taught the 5 basic principles and essential exercises, including any modifications you may need depending on your level or ability.

After you have completed the introductory package you’re welcome to join in a group matwork class or continue with private lessons.

Each lesson is 1 hour

This can also be done on a semi private basis.

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Private Lessons

When taking private lessons your work out will be tailored to you and your specific needs, whether it be postural problems, recovering from an injury or some kind of athletic conditioning or goal you’re working towards.

These lessons will be working on the equipment in the studio e.g. Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair and Barrels.

Each lesson is 1 hour.

Semi Private Lessons

If you’d prefer to exercises with a friend or family member this is a great option.

These lessons will be working on the equipment in the studio e.g. Reformer, Cadillac, Stability chair and Barrels.

Each lesson is 1 hour.

What will you need?

Please come to class in comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. A pair of socks and a jumper that you can take off if you get too warm.

We provide everything else.

Polite notice.

The studio is a “no shoe zone” so we ask that you please leave your shoes etc in our changing area provided.
Mobile phones are to be switched off or onto silent.