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Clair Cornish

I was first introduced to Pilates when training to become a professional dancer at the age of around 14 years old.

After suffering with a knee injury for many years, I finally underwent surgery in my second year at full time performing arts college. Pilates was a big part of my rehabilitation before and after the surgery and helped me to get back to college to continue training and go on to have a successful career dancing all over the world.

Because I had experienced such amazing results from the Pilates method I knew this would be something i’d want to teach in the future and help others like it had helped me.

Once I had hung up my dancing shoes and returned to the UK, I decided to look into courses to become an instructor and here I am today still learning and furthering my knowledge.

I am a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor

I am trained in:

Matwork - Essential, Intermediate & Advanced

Reformer - Essential & Intermediate

Cadillac - Essential & Intermediate

Stability Chair - Essential, Intermediate & Advanced

Barrels - Essential & Intermediate

Injuries and Special Populations

Pre & Postnatal - Diastasis recti, c section & pubis symphysis Derangement

Neurological Conditions Pilates Specialist - Parkinson’s, Stroke & Multiple Sclerosis

Breast Cancer Rehab

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Jackie Westall

I was introduced to Pilates in 2008, I practiced from home and learnt the basics. I enjoyed what I was learning and decided to take it to the next level which was when I met Clair at Prime Pilates.

Classes and matwork with Clair immediately returned results with not only body tone & strength but mental dexterity. At that point I knew I wanted to teach others.

6 years later I am still progressing, increasing my skillset and recognising this was the best decision I had made for my fitness and wellbeing.

I am a STOTT PILATES certified instructor in Matwork & Reformer