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The Reformer is the premier piece of Pilates equipment. It is a half bed like frame with a carriage on it, which rolls forward and backwards on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by springs which can be adjusted to different levels of resistance. There are shoulder rests at one end which stop you from sliding off as you move.

The Reformer is very versatile. Exercises can be done laying down, sitting, standing, pulling the straps, pushing against the footbar, with additional equipment, upside-down, sideways and the list goes on.

Exercises done on the Reformer increase core and functional strength, increase muscular endurance, improve posture and alignment, develop long lean muscles, reduce body fat, rehabilitate and prevent injuries.

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No full service Pilates studio is complete without a Cadillac/Trapeze Table. It closely represents a bed with a frame, featuring a Roll-Down Bar, Push-Thru Bar, Trapeze, Leg and Arm Springs which are used to support and challenge. Joseph Pilates made all his creations in the basement of his building. When he brought it up into the studio, one of his clients saw the table and said “Hey Joe, is that your new Cadillac?” and the name stuck. The Cadillac offers a extensive range of exercises for everyone from post-rehab clients to athletes, challenging the body in different plans of motion.

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Stability Chair

A multifunctional Pilates machine that can be adjusted to train most muscle groups. it helps clients to achieve upper and lower body strength and conditioning, enhance stability and improve body control . Ideal for rehab clients or those who need to stay in a seated or upright position, helping re-balance muscles while providing a full- body workout. It also facilitates high-performance exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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Arc Barrel

We have 3 types of barrels in the studio. The Arc Barrel, Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector.

The Arc Barrel, being the smallest features a gentle curve which helps to decompress and lengthen the spine. This can be uses to increase or decrease challenge during mathwork exercises and assist rehab clients.

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Ladder Barrel

From beginners to fully conditioned exerciser, the Ladder Barrel challenges core stability and strength for every Pilates enthusiast. it is designed for serious core conditioning and increase flexibility and mobility.

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Spine Corrector

Used to perform exercises lengthening and strengthening the torso, shoulder, back and legs while correcting or restoring the spines neutral curves. Great for aligning and mobilising the spine and can also assist with improving posture.